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Undefined Definition

Pavel writes:

``Why do you want to prevent this?  You seem to be saying that an
implementation can't choose to implement all arrays as fully general
arrays unless they arrange for adjust-array to fail in some way on
arrays that were not originally declared to be adjustable.''

I feel like Bork; does Pavel feel like Biden? I was not arguing
about arrays, I was arguing about the reasoning process used in this
case about arrays. If a specification says that ``it is not permissible
to do something'' or that ``one must not do something,'' then I expect
that it is not proper reasoning to turn that into ``it is permissible
to do something'' or ``it's perfectly ok to do something.''
Therefore, along with the other 3 error terms - which cover the vast majority
of all cases written about in the specification - I included the plug for
this hole.