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"Object" Class.

     In fact I think this hole manifests itself in several places.  Specifically,
     there are several places in the spec which refer to the "default primary
     method" when in fact they should be referring to the "primary method on
     object (or standard object)".  The examples of this I can find right now
       update-instance-structure (pg 1-13)
       class-changed (pg 1-15)
       initialize-instance (pg 1-34)
     The point in these examples is that these "system supplied" methods are
     actually providing default behavior for instances with metaclass
     standard-class, so they should be on the class object, thats what its
     there for.
     Other examples of where a particular implementation might want to have a
     method on OBJECT as well as one on T are: 
       print-object (pg 2-63)
       describe (pg 2-39)
     So I think we have to include this class (I don't particularly care
     about the name), and fix the places I have mentioned to refer to it.

I agree.