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Question about discarded slots

    Date: 06 May 88  1245 PDT
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.Stanford.EDU>

    In the section on redefining classes it says:

    ``The generic function {\bf update-instance-for-redefined-class} takes
    four required arguments: the instance being updated after it has
    undergone the first step, a list of the names of slots that were added,
    a list of the names of slots that were discarded, and a property list
    containing the slot names and values of slots that were discarded and
    had values.  Included among the discarded slots are slots that were
    local in the old class and that are shared in the new class.''

    Are slots that were shared in the old class and local in the new class
    among the discarded slots (third argument)? Are they among the added
    slots (second argument)?

Neither.  See the second paragraph (first complete one) in p.1-47 of
the draft I printed out yesterday (the last one you edited that I know
of, so you probably have a copy with identical pagination).

Discarded Slots

Your note indicates that you read (present tense) the spec the same as I
do on this point. My real question is whether you think that the document
is clear enough on this point. I worry about people having to go through
excessively long chains of reasoning to understand some of these things,
and as I spend more time staring at it, I worry more about this.