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(setf find-method)

    Date: 09 May 88  1115 PDT
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.Stanford.EDU>

    Danny writes:

    ``    (setf (find-method ...) <method>) calls add-method

    And if there is an incompatiblity between the method and the specified
    qualifiers or specializers, an error is signalled, right?''

    Add-method signals an error if there is a congruence failure. I wouldn't
    expect (setf find-method) to look for the error separately.

No, the error that add-method is checking for is something different.
Add-method is checking arglist congruence.  The checking Danny refers to
is that the copy of the qualifiers and specializers passed as explicit
arguments to (setf find-method) agree with the copy of these data stored
in slots in the method object.  Add-method does not receive the
arguments that it would need to do this checking.  (setf find-method)
has to check consistency of these redundant arguments itself.