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Renaming get-method to find-method is ok. Now that I really
take a look at (setf find-method), I am inclined to oppose it.
The main reason is the duplication of specializers and qualifiers.
Suppose a human is using (setf find-method):

(setf (find-method ...<specializers> <qualifiers> ...)
      (make-instance ... <specializers> <qualifiers> ...))

Then you have to type the specializers and qualifiers twice, and you
probably suffer an error being signaled when you blow one or the other
of the two specifications. Of course, this probably helps find bugs
by making you always look at such method definitions twice, but maybe
a programming environment can always signal an error when you define a
method using make-instance on general principles to get the same effect.

I don't see what we gain from this generality except that we can say that
in many cases, when the path of generality was available, we took it -
regardless of how pretty it was.