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first part of mop

I find the general contents quite good. I have few comments:

Do you intent to keep the description of the metaobjects like this, and then
present the accessors, in alphabetic order, one per page, or do you intend to
list them right were you describe the metaobjects?
Personally, I lean toward the latter approach:
-All of the accessors have several properties in common: The user cannot alter
the information returned by the accessors (lists of objects). The users cannot
rely on when and how may times, the system will call these accessors, and so
-Their semantics are trivial. they just return some data from the objects. We
don't need a whole page each time to say that.

I was surprised by the principle 8 (pg 3-8). Since we say that slots for these
objects are internal business, I don't see why we should restrict the domain
of their names. The user shouldn't even try to find out their names.

I agree with the principles exposed here. Maybe you should emphasize the
distinction between the protocol specification, and the standard
implementation of the metaobject protocol, by saying that they will belong in
different parts of chapter 3.