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It says somewhere in this proposal:

  MAKE-LOAD-FORM of an object of metaclass STANDARD-CLASS or
  STRUCTURE-CLASS for which no user-defined method is applicable signals
  an error.  

Surely this can't mean "user-defined", since that would effectively prohibit
an implementation from using STANDARD-OBJECTs for internal purposes.  Perhaps
the next sentence in that paragraph is all that is really needed:

  It is valid to implement this [default error-signaling behaviour] either 
  by defining default methods on STANDARD-OBJECT and STRUCTURE-OBJECT that 
  signal an error or by having no applicable method for those classes.

with the implication that user-defined classes of metaclass either
STANDARD-CLASS or STRUCTURE-CLASS will see no other system-provided 
methods on MAKE-LOAD-FORM.

-- JonL --