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>>Frank Gleason wrote:

>>  When I try to compile and run CLX I get errors because I don't
>>  have a set of functions (module?) that begin with system::.
>>  I'm using clisp on Linux, I think the version is 2.6, and 
>>  pcl+clx.sept92f.

>Symbols beginning with system:: are located in the system package
>(and can be variables, functions or just unbound symbols).

>I can't see any reference to the system package in my sources of 
>CLX that are not conditionalized for lisp dialects that actually 
>have the system package. Could you be more specific on what error 
>message you get ?

>Are you using the packages specially adapted to clisp (to be found
>at the usual place in Karlsruhe) or the original sources ?

 I should have done this in the first message you are right.

 I got the file pcl+clx.sept92f.clisp.tar.Z from gatekeeper.dec.com. 
 Clisp seems to be installed correctly (I installed and ran maxima).
 I am not at my machine with clisp so I can't copy the message exactly
 but here is the code segments that are the problem. Grepping for
 any of these (ie: grep big-endian *) in the clisp source comes up empty.

depdefs.lsp line 172

(eval-when (compile eval load)
  (unless system::*big-endian* (pushnew :clx-little-endian *features*))

dependent.lsp line 1430

(defun open-x-stream (host display protocol)
  protocol ;; unused
  (let ((stream (system::make-socket-stream host display)))
    (if (streamp stream)
      (error "Cannot connect to server: ~A:~D" host display))))

dependent.lsp line 1591

(defun buffer-read-default (display vector start end timeout)
  (declare (type display display)
         (type buffer-bytes vector)
         (type array-index start end)
         (type (or null fixnum) timeout))
  (let ((stream (display-input-stream display)))
    (cond ((and (eql timeout 0) (not (listen stream))) :timeout)
          (t (system::read-n-bytes stream vector start (- end start)) nil)
) ) )

dependent.lsp line 1721

(defun buffer-write-default (vector display start end)
  (declare (type buffer-bytes vector)
         (type display display)
         (type array-index start end))
  (system::write-n-bytes (display-output-stream display) vector start (- end start))

dependent.lsp line 2619

(defun resources-pathname ()
  (when #+(or unix mach) t
    #-(or unix mach) (search "Unix" (software-type) :test #'char-equal)
    (or #+(or excl CLISP (and lcl3.0 (not vax-vms)) CMU)
	(let ((string #-CMU (#+excl sys:getenv #+CLISP system::getenv
				    #+lcl3.0 lcl:environment-variable
		      (cdr (assoc :xenvironment ext:*environment-list*))))
	  (when string
	    (pathname string)))
	    (concatenate 'simple-string ".Xdefaults-"
			 #+excl (short-site-name)
			 #-excl (machine-instance)))))))