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Re: bug

Thanks, I see where I went wrong !

Bruno Haible writes:
 > Brad Might thinks:
 > > ;;; this function should print "T here" but prints "NIL here"
 > > (defun funx () (let ((*special* t)) xx))
 > No, this function shouldn't print anything, and it prints nothing,
 > The value of xx is printed by the read-eval-print loop. When this occurs
 > the function funx has already been left, and the dynamic bindings that
 > were in effect have been undone.
 > If you really want xx to be printed at your program's run time, then do
 > (defun funx () (let ((*special* t)) (print xx)))
 >                     Bruno Haible
 >                     haible@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de