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CLISP on a 486DLC-40 (DRDOS6).

I've been unable to get CLISP to run on my Cyrix-based machine (the only
instance of incompatibility I've yet seen). CLISP load, display the
welcome header and prompt, but any keypress results in an immediate
exit from the program (if my memory manager is not loaded I get a
"Bye.", o/w it hangs with a stack error). I suspect this is an incompatibility
in the memory manager.

As I very much like CLISP (I trivally ported a 10,000+ line CL program
to it, Allegro CL\PC 1.0 was much more painful), I'd like to get a
version that works on my machine. Am I outta luck or is there a fix?

BTW, this was all under DOS (DRDOS6, but I've duplicated the problem
with MSDOS too). My next move is to install Linux :-)

Thanks, Sy.