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Re: CLISP & ISO 8.5

Udo Garmann has discovered the existence of ISLISP 8.5:

> What are the differences between CLISP and the ISO5
> documentation in /pub/lisp/islisp on the CLISP-Server?

Clisp is an implementation of Common Lisp.

ISLisp is a draft for the ISO Standard for the programming language Lisp.
It is not Common Lisp, nor Eulisp, nor Scheme.
It has some things in common with Common Lisp for historical and political

> Is the ISO-Standard still under development?

Yes, the ISO working group for Lisp is still polishing it.
The only implementation of it I know of now is an interpreter written by
Kent M. Pitman.

> Can it be used as a documentation on CLISP as well?


It happens to be on the same FTP server as CLISP because the ftp.bath.ac.uk
server is rather slow when accessed from Germany.

                    Bruno Haible