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Re: clue instalation

I tried to install clue and clio some time ago and didn't have 
a better luck.

pcl+clx went fine . i could run the demo.
(replacing the sept92 pcl version by march92 pcl)

for clue+clio , there were some errors (?) in the code.
there's a macro ignore-errors expanding into nil, and i had to add
an explicit block insert-text-something?  because the flet didn't
built it.

so i managed to run clue : the example ran fine. but all i could
do in clio was to open a single window with nothing in it
the type of error i got was :  add 1 to nil  or a bad array access.

i got rid of it,  but if you manage to get it working (like opening
a window with a button in it !) please let me know.