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Help to build CLUE.

Dear Somebody out there,

I am sending this mail in relation to compiling the CLUE system under CLISP.

I've downloaded the clue+clio+xit.tar.z from ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de
and I've been trying to compile the system with no success.

During buildig CLUE I get the following error message.

; Loading   intrinsics.fas *** - The class #<std-instance #x194037C0> was
specified as a super-class of the class #<std-instance #x193A3D30>;
but the meta-classes #<std-instance #x19105BE8>
and #<std-instance #x19105AE8> are incompatible.
1. Break>

I need clue for my theses as soon as possible.

If somebody out there can help me urgently I would approtiate it.

Bela Pecsek.