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For the new version of CLISP announced yesterday I had to patch PCL a bit
more. The *only* version of PCL I support from now on is September 1992 (f)
PCL. On ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe:/pub/lisp/clisp/packages/ the files
pcl.sept92f.clisp.tar.z and pcl+clx.sept92f.clisp.tar.z .

There was a bug in my earlier ports of September 1992 PCL: structure
classes don't work properly. Those who got pcl+clx.sept92f.clisp.tar.z
between 20 May 1993 and 11 June 1993 should upgrade to the current one.
I wish to thank Scott Musman who pointed me to the problem.

Now that structure classes work, there is no more need for July 92 PCL.
Neither for March 92 PCL: there have been significant improvements and
bugfixes in the meantime.

                    Bruno Haible