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Amiga 600 and Clisp

I have just installed CLisp on my Amiga 600 (68000 processor) which has
1MB chip memory plus 4MB fast memory through a PCMCIA expansion.
When I run CLisp it uses about 500K of fast memory and then uses up
nearly all the chip memory.  When I load anything into CLisp it continues
to fill up the chip memory, ignoring all the free space on the expansion
card.  Consequently the chip memory fills up after loading only a few
files and CLisp complains that there is no more room for lisp objects.
This is silly, the progran should use the fast memory and leave chip
memory for the graphics coprocessors, shouldn't it?

I may be overlooking something very obvious, so please point it out if
you know the solution.  No other programs have had this problem with
recognizing the presence of the extra memory so I am sure it is a CLisp
problem rather than an Amiga problem.

If the answer to this problem is already posted somewhere could you please
point me to it. 

P.S. I am using the *-low version as recommended in the documentation that
comes with the Amiga version.

Thanx in advance,

Richard Shepherd.