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CLISP - installation and conversion.

Hi, I'm an Acorn Archimedes user (standard Ansi C), and I'm wishing to port a version of CLISP to the Archimedes.

What I've tried to do so far is obtain the code, unzip it (gzip 1-2-3) and compile it using the installation for the Sun sparc station on a sparc station- this is so that I can get the converted .c files (and to see if the code can be easily compiled o

 Alas, when I try to run the ./target, it does a 8Meg core dump and when I try to compile the code after makeing the makefile (running ./makemake > makefile) it stuffs up on the spvw compilation - # illegal character ... endif undefined.... 

I cannot work out (form the .d files) exactly what the .c files should be (comments are in german!)... this leads to my questuions :-

 a) Does anyone have any suggestions on what my compilation problems are and how to correct it ?

 b) Does anyone know of anyone with an Archimedes that is also more familiar with 
    CLISP source code, and might like to assist me in trying to convert CLISP?