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Re: Garnet and CLISP ?

Mr Heinz-Detlev Koch <koch@novell1.gs.uni-heidelberg.de> and
Mr Bela Pecsek <P2043742@csdvax.csd.unsw.EDU.AU>
reported problems when building Garnet with CLISP, on Linux resp. SGI/Irix.

I can report that I hadn't any problems in doing that on SunOS4.
Please take the newest CLISP version, my port of CLX
and Garnet
and tell us whether the problems remain. In case they do, then look at
the backtrace.

I can't test it on Linux since it won't compile in less than 10 megabytes
of RAM, and I have just 8 MB.

                    Bruno Haible