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Problem with Garnet!

Dear CLISP users,

I've just built garnet on SGI IRIS INDIGO (IRIX Release 4.0.5F System V)
and everything went just fine. The problem came when I wanted to use it. I 
wanted to test it with the demos supplied with the system but every time I 
try to type the commands listed in tourcommands.lsp I get the following 
error message.

*** - UNIX error 9 (EBADF): Bad file number 

For example:

> (create-instance 'mywindow inter:interactor-window (:width 500)) Object
MYWINDOW Warning - create-schema is destroying the old #k<MYWINDOW>.
> (opal:update mywindow) 

*** - UNIX error 9 (EBADF): Bad file number
1. Break> (create-instance 'myagg opal:aggregate)
Object MYAGG
1. Break> (s-value mywindow :aggregate myagg)
1. Break> (create-instance 'myrect moving-rectangle)
1. Break> (opal:add-component myagg myrect)
1. Break> (opal:update mywindow)

*** - UNIX error 9 (EBADF): Bad file number
2. Break>

And the same with GILT

> (gilt::do-go)

*** - UNIX error 9 (EBADF): Bad file number
1. Break> 

Michael Caro has just reported today that for him everything works perfectly.
Although I don't know which machine he is using I can assume that something
might be wrong with my machine or CLISP but the funny thing that the compilation
went perfectly fine.

I am using the sept92f (newest) version of clx and pcl so I think CLISP is OK.
And anyway the errors are UNIX errors so I assume the errors are UNIX related
although I am unfortunately not an UNIX expert.

If somebody out there can figure out what's wrong please help me.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bela Pecsek