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Re: can't compile CLISP on a DecStation 5000

Len Wanger <lrw@sdsc.edu> writes:

> I am having the following problem compiling the latest version of CLISP
> on my DecStation 5000. Does anyone know what is causing the following
> problems:
> (echo "# 1 \"spvw.i\"" ; cc -E -O -DNO_MULTIMAP_SHM -USINGLE_PASS_COMPILER spvw.c | ./mergestrings) > spvw.i
> cpp: warning /usr/include/stdlib.h:64: NULL redefined
> cpp: error lispbibl.d:2326: syntax error
> cpp: error lispbibl.d:2509: syntax error

This is caused by a C preprocessor that does not expand macros with arguments
within preprocessor directives. The preprocessor is unusable, you have to
use the GNU gcc preprocessor included in the CLISP distribution.

In src/makemake.in (around line 394) you can read

  if [ "$TSYSOS" = coherent ] ; then
    # If one cannot use the default cc preprocessor: Use GNU cpp instead.

You have to replace this by

  if true; then

and restart the "target" command.

                    Bruno Haible