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Re: Problem with Garnet!

P2043742@csdvax.csd.unsw.EDU.AU writes:
| Dear CLISP users,
| I've just built garnet on SGI IRIS INDIGO (IRIX Release 4.0.5F System V)
| and everything went just fine. The problem came when I wanted to use it. I 
| wanted to test it with the demos supplied with the system but every time I 
| try to type the commands listed in tourcommands.lsp I get the following 
| error message.
| *** - UNIX error 9 (EBADF): Bad file number 

		[stuff deleted]

I just grabbed the clisp versin of garnet and built it.  I hit the same
problem with the "saveinitmem" oni a DEC alpha box .  The problem 
is that garnet assumes you do a load of all compiled modules including 
opal/defs which calls "initialize-x11-values".  So a work-around that 
I'm doing now is to load the "saveinitmem" version then loading opal/defs. 
Everything seems to works except for the "subseq" problem where 
(subseq "hello" 3 nil) bombs.  I ended up modifying the clisp source to 
make it work.

Doug A.