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Problem with subseq

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Bela Pecsek  <P2043742@csdvax.csd.unsw.EDU.AU>  writes:

[Stuff deleted]

> *** - SUBSEQ: :END should be an integer >=0, not NIL
> After this error I grebbed the subseq function from the CMU Common Lisp
> and compiled and loaded it. I tested it first of course and it seems to work
> just fine.

[Tests deleted]

> But then I wanted to start up Gilt and guess what happened?
> The Gilt Work Window, Gilt Commands and Gilt Motif Gadgets came up and I was
> happier than ever and then the shock came.
> > (gilt:do-go)
> *** - SUBSEQ: :END should be an integer >=0, not NIL
> 1. Break>
> I realy don't know where this error comes from but hopefully somebody out
> knows about it.

[Stuff deleted]

Propbably the calls to `subseq' have been compiled inline, so that the built-in
subseq function is called even if you have redifed subseq later.

Try to declare subseq notinline (for example,  (proclaim '(notinline subseq)) )
and recompile.