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Clisp and Microsoft Windows

I am part of a group at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) that
is writing image processing software to be used for mathematics education.

One of our projects is to set up an image processing environment using
Microsoft Windows.  We want to have Clisp running in one window, and have
it send data and commands to another MS Windows application that manages
a set of image windows.  To do this, Clisp needs to be compiled as a
Windows application so that it can call a C dynamic-link library and
perhaps use the Dynamic Data Exchange functions.

Has anyone tried making Clisp into a windows application (perhaps
using Borland software's "EasyWin" code)?  

Also, is there any way to make the existing Dos executables run
under Windows?

Any information or advice would be appreciated.


David Simmons | CS grad student | U of W Dept. Computer Science