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Re: Clisp and Microsoft Windows

> > 
> > I think it would take a lot of work. Win3.x is 16 bit and Clisp is based on 32
> > bits. Since now Clisp can run in a DOS window, may be you can still cut and
> > paste (but probab. just text).
> > Osman
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> > 
> The best way to make CLISP a windows app is by the use of Win32s.
> Develop a full 32 bit version under Windows NT using Microsofts
> 32 bit NT C compiler.  When linked with the Win32s libary it'll
> run in true 32 bit mode under Windows 3.1!


did someone out there really do this - or is ist just an idea how it
might work? If there are versions of CLISP floating around, that run
as real win3.x-applications (not in a DOS-window!) please let me know.



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