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New CLISP version

There is a new version of CLISP at the usual place:
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/clisp/source .

It fixes the shortcomings/bugs regarding the CLOS of the previous version.
The compiler bug uncovered by Garnet 2.2 isn't fixed yet, I haven't had
time to look at it.

>From now on, CLISP will also be available via anonymous ftp from
Mark Kantrowitz' Lisp repository, host ftp.cs.cmu.edu, directory
user/ai/lang/lisp/impl/clisp/. Please save FTP bandwidth by using this
ftp server if you are in USA.

Excerpt from the change log:

Important note

* Changed bytecode format. All .fas files generated by previous CLISP versions
  are invalid and must be recompiled.

User visible changes

* Unix version only: The command line option -M now also accepts memory images
  that were compressed using GNU gzip.

* Fixed a CLOS bug: MAKE-INSTANCE now behaves as if it were calling
  behave as if they were calling SHARED-INITIALIZE.

* Fixed a CLOS bug: NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD failed to be called in some cases
  when no method was applicable.

* Relating to X3J13 vote <89>: The first argument to the functions FUNCALL and
  APPLY, denoting a function, may now also be a list (SETF symbol).

* Fixed a bogus error message that occurred when storing an out-of-range
  integer into an array of element-type (UNSIGNED-BYTE 32).


* Added NetBSD support. Thanks to Charles Hannum.

Other modifications

* Added Jeff Dalton's "brief CLOS guide".

* Miscellaneous documentation updates.

                    Bruno Haible