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batch mode

I have the following problem (Sun Sparc Server 470, SunOS 4.1.3).
I have compiled pcl and clx from the sept92 clisp version, which
means that the clisp used to compile clx loads pcl.mem. In
the dumped clx, I can do
	> pcl::*defclass-times*
	> xlib::*def-clx-class-use-defclass*
Now I want to use the dumped clx, which contains pcl, to compile
clue. This fails
	; Compiling intrinsics.lsp
	Compiling file /m1/lisp/clisp/packages/xit/clue/intrinsics.lsp ...
	*** - FIND-CLASS: WINDOW does not name a class
Any ideas ?

--- Jan