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connection to tcl/tk

Hello everybody!
I have the following problem concerning the connection between clisp and the 
tcl/tk toolkit. Tcl/tk is a GUI which I want to use to build a graphical user 
interface for a program written in clisp. Until now I have discovered 2 possibi-
lities to realize a connection between a CommonLisp and tcl/tk. The first is to
create a bidirectional stream between Lisp and the tcl/tk shell wish. 
For example in Lucid Common Lisp this can be realized in the following way:

(defun init-interface ()
  (setq *lisp-to-wish-stream*  (run-program "wish"
                                            :input :stream
                                            :output :stream
                                            :wait nil)))

After that Lisp can send messages to wish by the created stream and the output 
of wish is sent to Lisp. Unfortunately run-program does not exist in clisp and 
until now I discovered only the possibility to realize a communication via 2 
files, one for the messages from lisp to tcl and one for the way back and Lisp 
and wish must explicitly read from/write on that files.
Does anybody know a solution for clisp which is more elegant and more like the 
Lucid solution? If this problem can only be solved on the operating system 
level, I am using both clisp under Linux on a PC (486) and under Unix on Sun.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Bjoern HOEFLING, DFKI, Postfach 2080, W-67608 Kaiserslautern, Germany
hoefling@dfki.uni-kl.de   Phone: +49-631-205-3487         Fax:  -3210