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Problems with Garnet-2.2

Dear Clisp Users,

I have just built Garnet2.2 on SGI Indigo and it runs 2-3 times faster 
then version 2.1.

First I tested it with my application I am developing and everything seemed to
be just fine.

After this I saved the memory image. When I start up Garnet using this
memory image, sometimes I get the following continuable error:

** - Continuable Error 
X-Error: Asynchronous FONT-ERROR in request 2395 (last request was 2535) Code 5
6.0 [ChangeGC] ID #x2800001 
If you continue (by typing 'continue'): Ignore 
1. Break>

I got this error when I am using the saved memory image "only".(as far as I can
tell now without extensive testing)
When I start up the system loading the modules everything seemes to be OK.

The other problem is with agate. When I trying to start it up I get this:

> (agate:do-go)

*** - index too large 
1. Break>

Has anybody encountered this problaims or something is wrong with my system.

I am using Clisp that is available from the pub/lisp/clisp/binaries/sgi-irix4
and the jun 7 pcl+clx.sept92f.clisp.tar.z.

Has anyone built clisp  using the newest sources for SGI Indigo if yes please 
make the image available for me somehow because I haven't got gcc on my machine
and Clisp as far as I know can't be built using the Irix native cc compiler.
If someone built it allready please place it into
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de where I can download it from. I'd approciate
it very mutch.
Bela Pecsek.