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Re: Problems compiling clisp under A/UX.

Reggie Perry <reggie@muon.phys.washington.edu> has trouble compiling
clisp on Apple's A/UX 3.0.1:

> I get this error that baffles me.
> spvw.c:12245:"Malformed operand" -- Statement 'movel %a0,a4@+' ignored

My speedups for clisp on 680x0 processors require GNU C and are written
in the MIT assembly language syntax of the 680x0. Apple's assembler
apparently uses another syntax (maybe the Motorola syntax). You may
- either rewrite the 680x0 __asm__ stuff to use the other syntax, or
- pretend to clisp the CPU were something like an 680x0, but not an
  680x0 proper (modify lispbibl.d for that purpose), or
- pretend to clisp the compiler were not GNU C (use "gcc -U__GNUC__"
  as compiler instead of "gcc").

                    Bruno Haible