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Re: Q:Xit and usage of make-socket-stream

Mr Tomohiro Shibata has problems when compiling CLUE:

> ; Compiling intrinsics.lsp
> Compiling file /home/monoceros/tshibata/Softs/clisp/packages/clue+clio+xit/clue/intrinsics.lsp ...
> *** - FIND-CLASS: WINDOW does not name a class

Mr Jan Deleeuw had the same problem. It may come from the buggy top-level
form handling in CLISP versions older than 1993-09-27. Please try getting
that newest CLISP version.

> Produced binary is 2.8MB which is almost same as clx.

Note also that you should be able to use CLISP's native CLOS instead of PCL
when building CLX for CLUE. The resulting memory image will be much smaller.

> I found SYSTEM function MAKE-SOCKET-STREAM, but couldn't find its usage.

It is the low-level function for building the connection to the X server.
See clx/dependent.lsp for its usage.

                    Bruno Haible

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