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  There has been some discuttion on the mailing list on how to make
bidirectional communication between clisp and other programs using Unix.

  below is one solutoin provided by Mr. Haible.
   >>  (shell "mkfifo /tmp/wish-in")
   >>  (shell "mkfifo /tmp/wish-out")
   >>  (setq *lisp-to-wish-stream*
   >>	 (make-two-way-stream (open "/tmp/wish-out" :direction :input)
   >>			      (open "/tmp/wish-in" :direction :output)
   >>  ) )
   >>  (shell "wish < /tmp/wish-in > /tmp/wish-out")
   >>  (delete-file "/tmp/wish-in")
   >>  (delete-file "/tmp/wish-out")

  As for my check, it doesn't work as they are seen above.
when (open pipename-out :direction :input) is entered, prompt never comes.
But (open pipename-in :direction :output) is entered, I can get #<FILE-HANDLE-STREAM #"out">.
  I think only it can work in case of `:direction :io '. And I tried:
	   >>  (shell "command < pipename-in > pipename-out") ,
but I couln't succeed. Has Mr. Hoefling already succeeded to connect
with WISH?

  Any suggestion and information are welcome.

Tomohiro Shibata (email: tom@jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Inoue-Inaba Laboratory,
Department of Mechano-informatics,
University of Tokyo; Japan