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Re: mkfifo

Mr. Matthias wrote:
   >>I don't know, if my solution to the problem ist the most elegant one, but
   >>anyway - it works (at least for me ;):
   >>START-WISH returns a two way stream, that may be used to read from
   >>and write to
   >>the wish process. However, you should never try to use "read" or
   >>on this stream, but use your own reader, that is implemented in terms of
   >>read-char-no-hang and/or listen. Also remember to use "flush output" on
   >>the wish-side, after every output-operation, or you will not see
   >>anything on the lisp-stream (until the io-buffer gets filled).
   >>Have fun

  Thank you for your answer and your careful notes!
At last I could succeed inter proccess communicating(of course I don't
mention about IPC :-).
  I also thank you Mr. Haible and Mr. Hoefling for your quick reply.

  Now I will try to make a communication between Clisp and Transputer
both of under Unix. I also have a dream to buy 486-machine and use Linux.:-)

  With BEST regards,

Tomohiro Shibata (email: tom@jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Inoue-Inaba Laboratory,
Department of Mechano-informatics,
University of Tokyo; Japan