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Re: Clisp, ilisp and completion

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> Does the command line completion in clisp mess up anyone elses' use of
> clisp with ilisp? I'm not using the clisp specific stuff that's in the
> archive so that may be the solution.

I have some trouble, with ILISP and CLISP (which means that I've to type
several 'Ctrl-D's after some ilisp calls e.g. load-file-lisp), but this
did *NOT* go away, when I relinked CLISP without the readline lib.
BTW what's "the clisp specific stuff that's in the archive"?

> Alternatively, is there any means to disable the readline library without
> rebuilding clisp?

No - a '--no-readline' command line switch was nice (Hi Bruno :) )but it
does not exist.


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