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Re: edit/test cycle?

Phil Perucci <philp@universe.digex.net> has an interesting question:

> With CLISP, what is the best edit/test/code/edit, etc cycle (under X)?
> One xterm for editing, another for "clisp -c"?

The way I use to work on Linux with X11 is this:
- editor: aXe-5.1 (has multiple windows, pull-down menus, parentheses matching)
- clisp running in one xterm, sometimes with Capture/Logging enabled.
- developing cycle: edit & save, switch to clisp xterm, (load "..."),
  test several functions individually, maybe using the stepper, then switch
  back to the editor window.
- when I think everything works, use  clisp -c  and eliminate the errors
  and warnings.

Bruno Haible