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Maxima problem

(By the way, please excuse the previous message.  I meant to cancel
the message but accidentally sent it instead.)

I just tried to compile & run maxima under clisp.  I got:

*** - EVAL: undefined function SYSTEM::MAKE-WINDOW
Maxima 4.153 Sun Aug 19 12:02:38 CDT 1990 (with enhancements by W. Schelter).

when I tried to run maxima.  It started up, but when trying to do
anything, I get the message:

*** - symbol *WINDOW* has no value

I remember something on this list about this problem, and I recall
that a newer version of CLISP fixes it (I'm running version "September
1993" as reported by (lisp-implementation-version)).  So, I
connected to ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de to down-load the latest
version of CLISP, and to try again.  However, when I checked the
README file, it said that the newest version of CLISP requires a Linux
kernel of at least .99pl11.  I'm running .99pl10.  Do I really need to
upgrade the kernel before I can run this binary?  Can I compile a
working version of CLISP  under .99pl10?  I figured I'd ask before
doing the download and enduring the pain of compilation.


Harvey Stein
Department of Mathematics
Hebrew University