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Per Widerlund writes:

 > Can I get the - function to accept LONG-FLOAT in any way?
 > I get 0.0 from (- 3.00000000001 3.0) instead of 0.00000000001.
or use the 3.0001l0 (see CLtLII p.18ff) syntax.

If you need more precision than the default for long-floats, have a

 > Where can I find an editor for the Amiga who can handle all the parentheses?
 > (Something like Emacs would be great but GNU-Emacs is to LARGE for my system.)
Before I got enough memory to run GNU-Emacs, I used MG (aka
MicroGNUEmacs) which comes pretty close. To be found on Fish 352. You can
get a modified version that displays ISO chars from me.

 > Where can I find Amiga-specific CLisp source? 
 > (Graphic packages and such...)
The only Amiga-specific source so far is rexx.lsp. Plans are to port
stdwin to the Amiga, but that's more of C than LISP hacking. Other
plans are the creation of a good (portable, not Amiga-only) alien
package in order to be able to call all .library functions, but no
work has been done on that for some time now. Other plans are to
improve the ARexx interface a little bit. So far the way to do
graphics is to use some ARexx support package that allows access to
any library functions. The next best thing in the future would be the
use of the portable STDWIN library.

 	Joerg Hoehle.