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Compiling 1993-11-08 version on DEC Alpha OSF/1 V1.3

    As CLISP is provided as a binary-kit for DEC Alpha running OSF/1,
I've tried to compile it from source files, version 1993-11-08.

    I've installed gcc-2.5.5, and done all steps just like described
as unix/INSTALL and unix/PLATFORMS as follows:

1. Perform "./target alpha-dec-osf1-with-gcc" in the top directory of
the source tree.

2. Change directory as "cd alpha-dec-osf1-with-gcc" and type
"./makemake > makefile"

3. Edit makefile for adding "-DNO_SINGLEMAP -DNO_MULTIMAP_SHM -DWIDE"

4. Type "make config.lsp" and edit it for site specific informations.

5. Type "make"

Then I get clisp.run, that dumps core in the last step:

./lisp.run -x "(load \"init.lsp\") (saveinitmem) (exit)"
[2]  + 20679 exit 1     make $* > make.log 2>&1
sh: 22894 Memory fault - core dumped
*** Exit 139

    Would someone tell me how can I get an working executable file
from the source files distributed.

    Thanks in advance.

	Susumu Miki		         miki@soum.co.jp
Research and Development Dept.  SOUM Corporation   VOICE: 03-5453-1251