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Re: Maintaining CLISP

>> For now we are relying on Bruno's FTP server

Joachim> If there is need for another place, I can provide it on
Joachim> ftp.th-darmstadt.de, one of the major ftp archives in
Joachim> Germany. CLISP is there already (in
Joachim> pub/programming/languages/lisp/clisp/), it gets mirrored
Joachim> currently.

Good news!  Can I get back to you?  Bruno didn't
say anything to me about your message.. I'll check on his disk-space
needs, wishes, etc.

Joachim> PS: We will supply binaries for RS/6000 (AIX 3.2) and HP
Joachim> 9000s400 (HP-UX 8) RSN.

More Good news!  Two O.S.'s I don't have access to!

Marcus Daniels