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Re: CLISP on the Mac

Jeff Bishop <jbishop@nwu.edu> :

> Has anyone tried building binaries for the Mac?  Is it possible,
> or are there some mutual incompatibilities?

Marcus Daniels <marcus@ee.pdx.edu> :

> CLISP GPL status makes me feel like that isn't be something I should
> be considering.

Why? I don't see any relation between the GPL and Apple or Mac or MacOS.

We shouldn't discriminate any computer users just because of the brand
of computers or software they use. Perhaps they didn't even buy them
themselves, it may be the standard equipment they have to use.

Furthermore, I haven't had any negative experience with Apple. They even
sent me their Dylan manual without fee :-)
Did you have problems with Apple, Brent?

> However, there is A/UX support already.  I'll help where I can on 
> supporting that.

Thank you, Marcus.

> This, and given the quality of MCL and XLISPSTAT for Macs, it's hard to
> see a motivation for a port.
> Macintosh would be among the harder O.S.'s to port to.

But if someone is doing the port, he should be welcome. But apparently
less Apple Mac users are inclined to do programming work themselves.
Only one out of five who asked me about porting CLISP to the Mac indeed
took a look at the source. But he won't finish it: he is now porting Linux
to the Mac :-)

Just my personal opinion.