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Re: CLISP on the Mac

>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Haible <haible@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de> writes:

Bruno> Jeff Bishop <jbishop@nwu.edu> :
>> Has anyone tried building binaries for the Mac?  Is it possible,
>> or are there some mutual incompatibilities?

Should not be that hard, but take some time. Preferably using "using"
gcc under MPW, apple's cc or think C.

Bruno> But if someone is doing the port, he should be welcome. But apparently
Bruno> less Apple Mac users are inclined to do programming work themselves.
Bruno> Only one out of five who asked me about porting CLISP to the Mac indeed
Bruno> took a look at the source. But he won't finish it: he is now porting Linux
Bruno> to the Mac :-)

Since I'm the individual refereed to above :-) ... I been teaching (Common) Lisp
for three years now, and i have put up the last releases of CLISP (Amiga, Atari,
PC) etc to enable the student to do some programming at home. I started in on
the mac port quite some time ago, but then the linux port (half finished now)
took a higher priority (!). A change of job further have pushed these side
activities further down the list (working with an object-centered database 
running on regular unix system (including linux) distributed under GPL), but
hopefully I should be to do some work on clisp/maclinux during this spring ...


PS. I tend to agree with Bruno,  it looks like Apple Mac User do less
    programming work themself!
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