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enhancements needed, resources for achieving them

>>>>> "Don" == Don Cohen <donc@ISI.EDU> writes:

Don> Now on to the enhancements.  I'll start with the ones I've been hoping for.

Don> - a good implementation of the stdwin library for DOS 
Don> The current implementation only provides for one window - the full screen.
Don> I'd like to be able to use others (rectangular regions within the screen).
Don> If necessary I can describe in more detail what is required or you can see
Don> for yourself by looking at the stdwin documentation.
Don> I assume that people who use other systems (like MSWindows) would also
Don> like reasonable implementations of stdwin, or some other access to their
Don> window systems.  I don't know much about which implementations of stdwin
Don> are reasonably complete or what other systems are well integrated with
Don> CLISP.  I'm sure you'll tell me, though.

Also, I'm VERY interesting to see a clisp (possible structure) (like
the Medley editor, SEDIT) or any more powerfull editor written in
Clisp, running in lisp. If and when you have a "multiple processes"
then each editor could be running in its own process.

Don> another that Marcus has suggested:
Don> - foreign function interface

YES, together with a dynamic loading interface. For the dynamic loading
we can use either the dld (GNU) or the tcl/tk implementation (I think it
different than dld, but not sure).

Don> - support for "multiple processes" that share the same lisp address
Don> space (I'm not asking for it since I don't need it at the moment.)
Don> Bruno seemed opposed to this when I last mentioned it to him.  I don't
Don> know how hard it would be to implement (might be hard).

Bruno, could you extend your thought on this? Of course you could always
use an existing thread packae(?), but i do not how portable these are
and to what degree that might help us!

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