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clisp with comint

Hisao Kuroda writes:
 > I now try to use CLISP with emacs(comint). But there's one problem.
 > When I send string to comint like,
 > (process-send-string "*clisp*" "1\n2\n")
 > then, CLISP answers just like below,
 > > 1
 > Why CLISP ignore the string "2\n"?
 > Can anyone tell me why this happen, and how can I fix this.

When CLISP enters the read part of read-eval-print loop, CLISP empties
the input queue to be sure not to get old input. This is why you can
only input one lisp form. This is what makes CLISP interaction with
EMACS through shell/comint/cmulisp so difficult, because there several
Lisp forms are sent to the CLISP process at once.

 	Joerg Hoehle.