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Re: 3 easy questions

M. Thomas <thommark@access.digex.net>

1. had problems when installing CLISP from source on DOS:

>     -- it prompted me for permission to overwrite many Lisp
>        function/macro definitions.  I had to type "continue" repeatedly
>        at the "Break>" prompts;

There was a bug in INTERACTIVE-STREAM-P. Marcus has fixed it in his
newest release.

2. > The latest DOS version of CLISP, clisp-english.zip, appears to have
   > been compiled with  GCC 2.4.5, whereas the earlier January version of
   > CLISP appears to have been compiled with GCC 2.5.7.  Why is this?

Marcus apparently uses emx-0.8g, and I used emx-0.8h. Both EMX versions
are equally good.

3. > Which versions of the CLtL2 macros LOOP and SERIES are most compatible
   > with CLISP?  From where can these be ftp'd?

The usual place: ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/clisp/packages
  series.clisp.tar.z and UNSUPPORTED/loop.lsp.z

                    Bruno Haible

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