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Online access to 2nd dpANS CL

[Forwarded from Barry Margolin <barmar@think.com>.]

Dear Common Lisp standardization participant,

The online files for the dpANS corresponding to the second Public Review of
Common Lisp are now in place in the directory /pub/cl/dpANS2/* on Internet
host PARCFTP.Xerox.COM, which is accessible by anonymous FTP, IP address  (Many thanks to Larry Masinter and Xerox for their help with

These files correspond to draft 14.10, also known as document
X3J13/93-102, which was forwarded by X3J13 to X3 in October, 1993.

Anyone considering transferring the full set of files should FIRST
transfer and READ just the file /pub/cl/dpANS2/Reviewer-Notes.text, 
which contains a guide to the other files and some important notes 
about the process.  Based on the content of that file, you'll most 
easily be able to determine which of the other files you need.

Any problems with those files or the instructions for their use should be
directed to me as soon as possible, so that I can get them fixed in a
timely way for others who might encounter the same problem.

No document--especially of this size--is ever perfect, but we at X3J13 are
unofficially hoping that this comment period will serve to confirm our
belief that this document is at least as solid as the de facto standards
that have preceded it, and that it is time to proceed from a dpANS to a
full standard.  If you obtain the document and your overall impression
concurs with ours--that this standard is finally ready--please feel free
to mention this fact as part of your comments!


 Kent Pitman
 X3J13 Technical Editor