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*default-time-zone* Defaults

>> Unless someone objects, I'll just remove this parameter and rely on
>> the user setting the timezone with environment variables.

Joerg-Cyril> Why not just let that code remain in the source and bring
Joerg-Cyril> it to the users attention by putting this variable into
Joerg-Cyril> config.lsp, like I suggested in my previous mail? Not
Joerg-Cyril> everybody has a TZ variable, uses a TZ variable or sees
Joerg-Cyril> the use for a TZ variable.

The next release will repair this, one way or another.  DOS, for instance,
may allow the use of the C library gmtime/localtime as an option.

Joerg-Cyril> I object intrdoducing into CLISP code the unnamed
Joerg-Cyril> assumption that everybody has some standard (maybe even
Joerg-Cyril> worse: ANSI) C functions. The way CLISP works so far is
Joerg-Cyril> to define local files (unix.d, msdos.d etc.)  where
Joerg-Cyril> #defines are kept and to write separate code in the
Joerg-Cyril> different modules where it is necessary.

Understood.  That's why I ask.