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Re: Using Garnet 2.2 and Clisp on Linux (0.99pl13)

W. D. Elias <wdelias@access.digex.net> writes:
> I am trying to run GARNET 2.2 under CLISP on a linux (0.99pl13) platform. 
> After compiling garnet and running some demos I receive the following 
> Continuable Error message:

> X-ERROR: Asynchronous FONT-ERROR in request **** Code 56.0 [ChangeGC] ID 
> #x1800001

This problem is probably caused by forgetting to call
(opal:disconnect-garnet) before saving the lisp image and the
corresponding (opal:reconnect-garnet) after restarting clisp.  Both
calls are documented in the opal manual; the newer versions of garnet
have additional functions that combine these for convenience.

Remco Feenstra