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CLISP under ILISP working?

I am trying to get Lucid Emacs 19.9 under MIP/ULTRIX to work with CLISP.
The inferior CLISP program comes up OK, and what I type is echoed in the
window.  However, CLISP does not respond to anything typed in the

I believe that the ilisp interface is not being initialized properly for
CLISP.  While bringing up the CLISP I get the "Start Initializing ILISP"
in the status line, but I do not get the standard initialization done

After looking through the archive, I found a message indicating that
using a pty instead of a pipe (setting process-connection-type to t)
worked for someone a while back.  I tried this, but emacs would hang
(no typing echo or screen update).

Has anyone found similar problems/solutions communicating with an
inferior CLISP?

Below are my ILISP initializations:
    (require 'ilisp)
    (defvar *my-lisp* "/bin/sh -c /usr/local/bin/clisp")
    (setq inferior-lisp-program *my-lisp*)
    (setq ilisp-program *my-lisp*)
    (setq clisp-program *my-lisp*)
    (setq lisp-wait-p t)                  ;Synchronous sends
    (setq term-setup-hook (function (lambda () (clisp))))