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Re: clisp with ilisp

You wrote:
> I just started using clisp to teach a course and would like my
> students to be able to use it with ilisp.  Has anyone defined a clisp
> dialect for ilisp?  Under ilisp 5.5 I'm having problems bringing it up
> as straight clisp (ilisp's default commonlisp, probably not the german
> clisp).

Using CLISP via ILISP, that's a sad story. What's known here, on this
mailing list:

    Ziad H. Najem <najem@cs.uiuc.edu> reported at 12 Mar 1993 that he has
    a semi-working CLISP with ILISP. He mailed some code. This code is
    part of the file mailing-list-archive-1993 that's on the CLISP ftp
    archives in Karlsruhe and Darmstadt.
    David Gadbois <gadbois@cs.utexas.edu> reported on 13 Jan 94 that he
    has an ``ILISP interface (mostly working)''. We haven't heard about
    that work later on this mailing list. (No pun intended, it's just five
    weeks ago. I assume he has real work, too.)
    Already at 12 Mar 93, Matthias Lindner
    <matthias@intellektik.informatik.th-darmstadt.de> reported a problem
    that I've got, too: ``I get an interactive clisp-buffer, but mode
    reamins :load forever.'' I mentioned at 19 Jan 1994 that changing
    process-connection-type to t (in lisp-mod.el) has repaired it for me
    (at least for small examples, didn't try large ones due to the
    missing adaption of the rest), but for Steve Carney
    <carney@cern.enet.dec.com> this did not work [22 Feb 94].

Anybody with more information?


Joachim Schrod			Email: schrod@iti.informatik.th-darmstadt.de
Computer Science Department
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany