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Hello, CLISPers,

The macroexpansion function for MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ in the file
MACROS1.LSP appears to be incorrect.  I found this error when trying to
run the test suite that comes with SERIES. (Latest version of CLISP for
DOS and SERIES macro package from usual U. Karlsruhe ftp site.)

> (multiple-value-setq (a b) (values 2 3))
> (list a b)
(2 3)
;;;  Everything is fine, since the CLISP evaluator apparently expands
;;;  a direct invocation of MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ as a special form.

> (pprint (macroexpand '(multiple-value-setq (a b) (values 2 3))))
 (PROG1 ((SETQ A (POP #:G50)) (SETQ B (POP #:G50))))
;;;  This macroexpansion is not correct; there's an extra pair of
;;;  parentheses enclosing the SETQ forms within the PROG1.
;;;  SERIES apparently evaluates the code returned by MACROEXPAND.

I found the macroexpander code for MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ in the file
"MACROS1.LSP".  I believe the original lines (marked by '-') should be
deleted, and lines marked by '+' added.  (Replacing LET* by LET is
purely cosmetic.)

(sys::%put 'multiple-value-setq 'sys::macro
  (sys::macro-expander multiple-value-setq (varlist form)
    (let ((g (gensym))
          (poplist nil))
      (dolist (var varlist) (setq poplist (cons `(SETQ ,var (POP ,g)) poplist)))
-     `(LET* ((,g (MULTIPLE-VALUE-LIST ,form)))
+     `(LET ((,g (MULTIPLE-VALUE-LIST ,form)))
-        ,(if poplist `(PROG1 ,(nreverse poplist)) NIL)
+        ,(if poplist `(PROG1 ,@(nreverse poplist)) NIL)
  ) )  )

By the way:
  (1)  SERIES fails 2 other tests in the test suite, because some
       macroexpansion creates a form like
           (TAGBODY <form> <form> ... NIL ... <form> ...),
       and CLISP does not allow NIL in such a context.  CLtL2, p. 175
       implies that NIL in such a context is (or should be) deprecated.
       To reproduce this error most easily:

> (load "series")     ;; series.fas, of course
> (series::install)
> (setq series::*series-implicit-map* T)
> (pprint (macroexpand '(collect-nth 1 (catenate #z() ((lambda () 2))))))

       Most likely suspect is a macroexpansion function within SERIES,
       but I don't know for sure.  If someone out there has encountered
       and solved this problem, please let me know (either by email or

  (2)  The latest DOS distribution omitted the file about the X3J13 votes,
       I think it was called Cltl2.txt.

Thanks, and keep up the good work on CLISP.

Mark A. Thomas