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Problem installing OS/2 version

I hope this isn't a redundant question on this list, but it was not
mentioned in the documentation so I needed help from somewhere.

While trying to configure and install the OS/2 version of GNU CLISP
I have edited the "config.lsp" file, I then execute 
"lisp -M lispinit.mem" like the README says.  I then execute the
compile command and get the following error:

> (compile-file "config")

Compiling file D:\LISP\CONFIG.LSP ...
*** - READ from #<STRING-CHAR-FILE-STREAM #"D:\\LISP\\CONFIG.LSP">: illegal char
acter #\Code26
1. Break>

What am I doing wrong?  I only edited parts in the same format as was
already there, i.e. changing "C:\\CLISP\\"  to "D:\\CLISP\\".

Any help is appreciated,

---- Cris J H

= Christopher J. Holdorph        ||    Team OS/2 =
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= Michigan State University      ||              =
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