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Re: Problem installing OS/2 version

Cris J. Holdorph <holdorph@cl-next4.cl.msu.edu> asks:

> Compiling file D:\LISP\CONFIG.LSP ...
>       illegal character #\Code26
> 1. Break>
> What am I doing wrong?

#\Code26 is usually called Ctrl-Z. Some editors append this to the end
of config.lsp. Either
 - choose an editor that doesn't append this obselete character to the end
   of the file,
 - tell the LISP reader to treat Ctrl-Z as whitespace:
        (set-syntax-from-char #\Code26 #\Space)
   (Suggestion by Johann Petrak, 18 Oct 1993 on this mailing list.)

                    Bruno Haible